Which Breed is Best for Me?

This weeks question focuses on picking a Breed to match your lifestyle

I’m planning on getting a dog and wondered which breeds would be best suited to living in a flat. I can a dog for walks but would prefer a dog that does not need too much exercise 

Research into the best breed to suit your lifestyle is absolutely the best way to prevent behavioural problems happening!

Dogs have been bred with different abilities and characteristics. These include retrieving, guarding, herding, tracking and so on. You need to consider the natural behavioural traits of the breed to see if they will fit with your lifestyle. As you live in a built up area, it would be advisable to avoid breeds that are known to be barkers or have a tendency to escape and run off.

You also need to consider a dog who you find attractive. You’ll need to look at the size, coat type and sex of the dog you want. You must be realistic about the amount of time that you can commit to a dog. Please do not buy a Spaniel or a Collie when you know you can only provide it with a 20 minute walk each day. That is not enough exercise for them and you’ll come back after work to a house that is destroyed!

All family members should agree and all be responsible to meet the need’s of the dog. Research together, the best place is the internet, books and advice from professionals. The Kennel Club website has a quiz you can complete where it lists the best breed for you given your lifestyle answers.

I would suggest a smaller breed for you, such as a westie, dachshund or toy breed.

I have Miniature Schnauzers, which are small dogs that do not malt and do not need lots of exercise. They are just perfect!

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Which Breed is Best for Me?
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