Dog Behaviour Counselling

We can prevent and resolve any dog training problems you may have. We offer personal consultations in your own home and operate throughout Kent, Sussex and South East London

Dog Behavioural Problems

Canine language is a hugely diverse, visual language, where dogs are able to communicate with each other irrespective of breed. Dogs converse using body language honed to the subtlest of glances and it is in this language that they are trying to communicate with us. By misinterpreting their behaviour or punishing them for behaviours that we don’t understand, dogs may develop behavioural problems or behave in a way that owners don’t find acceptable.

The main problems we deal with include: 

  • Challenging behaviour
  • Aggression
  • Possessive behaviour
  • Nervousness or fear-based behaviour
  • Separation anxiety
  • Excessive barking
  • Puppy training – house training & mouthing
  • Understanding dogs – Enabling you to provide the best environment for a dog
  • …and another behavioural problems!

These problems may go unrecognised and just become a factor that you live with. Does your dog display any of the following symptoms?

  • Show aggression towards people or other dogs?
  • Ransack your home while you are out or in bed?
  • Follow or obstruct your every move?
  • Barge through doorways or up the stairs in front of you?
  • Ignore or growl at you in response to your commands?
  • Run off or pull on the lead?
  • Act possessively over food, toys or their bed?
  • Jump up, particularly at visitors?
  • Stealing food or possessions?
  • Dig up your garden?
  • Hide or cower when you look at him?
  • Soil or urinate in the house?
  • Refuse to leave the house?
  • Whine for attention when you are talking to others or are on the phone?
  • Develop obsessive behaviours such as noise sensitivity, light-chasing or over-licking?
The cost for a consultation within Kent is £225

This includes a full report and follow up telephone support. Please call for a quote in other areas as we can travel further if required.

The cost of a consultation can be redeemed against pet insurance as we are accredited by the CFBA.


Dog Behaviour Consultations

Best Behaviour School for Dogs has been successfully supporting the relationship between dog and owner for over fifteen years and continues to flourish. By using us, you do not need to choose between tolerating undesirable behaviour or parting with your beloved pet. By addressing the balance of communication in a household and eliminating confusion, most cases are curable.

  • Full members of the Canine & Feline Behaviour Association (CFBA)
  • The preferred behaviourist for 10 veterinary practices throughout Kent.
  • We also work with Medical Detection Dogs, a charity which trains specialist dogs to detect human disease. Medical Assistance dogs alert to odour changes enabling people to live with complex medical conditions such as diabetes.
  • Consult local councils regarding dangerous dog incidences
  • We are employed by fostering agencies to temperament assess dogs owned by prospective carers
  • Lecture at a variety of universities on Animal Behaviour 
  • Consultant animal behaviourist to Howletts & Port Lympne Conservation Parks
  • We are the first port of call for Kent and London based Media to discuss topical animal related issues.

As each behavioural problem is unique, our consultations are structured around your dog’s individual training requirements. We carry out a home visit lasting 2-3 hours and can generally put a training plan in place to rectify most conditions within one consultation. The consultation fee includes travel to your home, an individual report and follow up support as needed.

Contact Us

Contact our behaviour consultants Pippa and Suzy for more information or book some behaviour counselling.

Pippa Ducat, founder of Best Behaviour School for Dogs, has an MSc in Animal Behaviour & Psychology and a wealth of practical experience with both domestic and captive animals. Her particular interests lay in dogs and elephants and is a published behaviour specialist for both these animals.

Previously Head of Education for Howletts & Port Lympne Wild Conservation Parks, she left there to follow her desire to use her knowledge of animal behaviour to help on a practical level, founding Best Behaviour School for Dogs to improve the relationship and reducing communication issues between owners and their dogs. She is incredibly proud to have built it into the successful company with a professional and caring team that it is today, counter-conditioning unwanted behaviour through individual consultations, training classes and our unique exercise and socialisation service.

Suzy Gallagher joined Best Behaviour School for Dogs in 2013. With first class honours in Psychology she has a particular interest in the behaviourist approach informed by animal studies relating to dogs and other animals.

Pippa - Dog behaviourist
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